Radiant Orchid Nails for 2014

I welcomed 2014 with Radiant Orchid nails. I didn’t go with the typical shimmery silver and gold tips. I also didn’t go for polka dot which symbolizes good luck during the New Years Eve either! Instead, I went with the 2014 Pantone Color of the year, just like I told you in this post. But you can say that I was still able to add in some shiny shimmery pieces and dots to my NYE nail design. How? Here it is.

Radiant Orchid Nails 1 Radiant Orchid Nails for 2014

Radiant Orchid Nails for 2014

If you’ve seen my post featuring Chooset, then you’ve already seen my nails below. It’s one of the easiest nail designs you can think of when you only have a few hours before the clock strikes 12 on New Years Eve! I was running late on prepping for NYE because I wanted to finish a lot of pending posts before 2014 hits. So with only a few hours to prepare to leave for the NYE party, I came up with the easiest way to paint my nails.

ChoosetBag OOTD 4 Radiant Orchid Nails for 2014

Using this Sally Hansen ombre set I featured previously, I applied the┬áViolet Voltage (Radiant Orchid purple) to 4 of my finger nails and the Deep Purple for the pointing finger. I need only apply a single coat so it dried pretty quickly. I used the purple glitters on the top 1/3 of my nails. They added sparkle, shine and the “polka dots” so to speak. So even if I derailed from the usual metallics and polka dot designs, I still managed to add the sparkle and polka dot good luck on my nails. icon smile Radiant Orchid Nails for 2014

Radiant Orchid Nails 2 Radiant Orchid Nails for 2014

This Sally Hansen set was supposed to be for an ombre nail art. But due to time restraint, I opted for the easy route. I’ll do the ombre next time, so expect to see that in future nail posts. How about you? What nail design did you opt for 2014 New Years Eve?


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