Black Sambo Recipe

Black Sambo is a delicious dessert that is SUPER easy to make. I learned it from my Sister-in-Law back in Maryland. She loves to bake and make desserts like me. But you know what’s the real truth? Even if I like to bake or make desserts/sweets myself, I’m not a dessert person at all. Weird huh? Even as a kid, I did a lot of experimenting on baking but I seldom eat or finish what I make. I would only taste it and that’s it. But this, I can eat anytime. So try out this Black Sambo recipe and let me know what you think!

Black Sambo Recipe

I normally skip on dessert. I only eat dessert if I want to taste what I made (just to make sure I did it right or if I still need to improve on it) or taste something that makes me curious. But other than that, I’m really not into desserts… with the exception of fruits and Filipino delicacies like rice cake, mocha chiffon, Brazo de Mercedes, and Mamon or sponge cake (at least these are some that comes to mind at the moment). I only like desserts that aren’t too sweet for my taste.

Black Sambo Recipe

My specialty is actually Leche Flan (a.k.a. Dulce de Leche or Flan). But you know what? Even if I have perfected making it, love to make it and find it delicious, I seldom eat it – only because it can be too sweet for my taste. I’ll just take a bite to ensure it’s right each time and that’s it for me. Hubby ends up eating the whole thing so I rarely make it if it’s just for the two of us. He really loves it though and doesn’t mind. But I don’t want him to eat that much eggs. :) That’s why I usually make desserts only when there’s an occasion, a gathering or lunch/dinner at friends’ houses. Anyway, I digress. Let’s get back to business because I’m sure you’d like to get the recipe for this delish dessert – Black Sambo. Since a lot of my friends and readers have asked about it, here is the Black Sambo Recipe.

Black Sambo Recipe: INGREDIENTS

  1. 4 envelopes of Knox Gelatin
  2. 1 can condensed milk (the usual size – roughly 301 ml can)
  3. 1 cup cold water
  4. 250 ml All Purpose Cream OR Heavy Whipping Cream (small size, not whipped)
  5. 1/2 cup Hershey’s cocoa powder
  6. 3/4 cup sugar
  7. 1 can evaporated milk (usual size – roughly 378 ml)
  8. Hershey’s chocolate syrup (for garnishing)
  9. You’ll also need a gelatin mold or a non stick cake pan
  10. A double boiler or pot (like a soup pot)

Black Sambo Recipe: PROCEDURE

First layer/White layer:

  1. In a pot or double boiler, dissolve 2 envelopes of Knox gelatin in 1/2 cup cold H2O.
  2. Cook over low to medium flame until powder dissolves.
  3. Add 1 can condensed milk and continue to cook over low flame while stirring constantly.
  4. Stir for about 5-10 minutes to make sure the gelatin is completely dissolved in your liquid.
  5. Remove from heat and let cool for about 5 minutes while stirring continuously.
  6. Add 250 ml all purpose cream or heavy whipping cream and continue to mix.
  7. Pour into a cake pan or gelatin mold and refrigerate for about 2-4 hours until set (it should be set in about 2 hours).

Second layer/Chocolate layer: (Do this once the first layer has set)

  1. In a pot or double boiler, dissolve 2 envelopes of Knox gelatin in 1/2 cup cold H2O.
  2. Cook over low to medium flame until powder dissolves.
  3. In a separate bowl, mix 1/2 cup Hershey’s cocoa powder and 3/4 cup sugar.
  4. Add the cocoa powder mix to the gelatin (while on low flame) and dissolve. Continue stirring.
  5. Now add in 1 can evaporated milk and continue stirring for about 3 to 5 minutes on low heat.
  6. Pour on top of the white layer and refrigerate for about 2-4 hours or until the chocolate layer is set.
  7. Once set, unmold by running a cake spatula or knife around the molding.
  8. Garnish with Hershey’s chocolate syrup. You can also garnish with grated chocolate.

Black Sambo Recipe

That’s it! Hope you try it out and let me know what you think. If you have any questions about the procedure or the ingredients in this Black Sambo Recipe, please leave me a message below. If you’re interested what that strawberry topped dessert is, it’s my No Bake Cheesecake and recipe can be found here.



  1. BebanGYue says

    Thanx alot Its a really big help from me. i really love this dessert.i hope i can do it by myself. thanx alot! mwuah!

  2. ijnwaa says

    hi, is it okay not to put 1/2 cup Hershey’s cocoa powder & Hershey’s chocolate syrup (for garnishing) or what would be the cheapest other ingredient for that?thank you.

  3. Emi says

    Always loved this dessert but haven’t made one yet. Will definitely make one for my daughter bday next month.

    Question : Will it come off clean from the mold or we need to spray or coat the mold first?

  4. jen says

    i just want to ask if i can substitute na knox brand gelatin to alsa gulaman i think that was made by magnolia because i can’t find any knox brand here in nueva ecija.. so i hope the result would be the same… pls reply..thanks! :D

  5. janette says

    woww…. at long last, i got the recipe of this black sambo. my daughter loves it. thank you so much…can I use MR. GULAMAN UNFLAVORED ? INSTEAD KNOX GELATIN? MORE POWER…AND GOD BLESS.

  6. says

    Hi Zane, here in the US, it’s roughly about $6-$7, not counting the whole value of the Hershey’s cocoa powder, syrup and sugar since you won’t be using all of them. But if you want to compute everything when you buy it in the grocery, I’d say about $10. Hope this helps.

  7. Chari says

    Hi! Trying this now for the first time…thanks for the recipe. Btw, i’ve see in some other recipes that they used a cup of water instead of your 1/2 cup….does it have significant difference? I followed your 1/2 cup though.

  8. Chari says

    Presentation was not that successfull, the choco mixed with the white layer because me & my sister was too excited to finish it. We haven’t checked if the white layer was already set. :) But the taste was perfect though. Will try it again this New year and hoping we’ll perfect it the next time. Thanks a bunch for your recipe. Happy Holidays.

  9. christine says

    hi cris, i made my own black sambo this noche buena. it tastes great! however, the white and chocolate separates in half. is it supposed to be like that? if not, can you give me a tip or technique so they won’t separate next time? thanks!

  10. j.c says

    Hi! if I can use Lady’s Choice Alsa Gulaman, how much of it do I need to use for the white and black part? because it’s 3. 17 oz. hope you can answer :D

  11. kismet says

    hi there! thank you for this recipe. however the layers wont set. what do you think might be the problem?
    ive followed everything in your procedure. thanks a lot!

    • says

      Hi Kismet, did you use knox? Maybe it wasn’t heated enough for it to set. It happened to me one time but I just poured out the mixture from the mold/pan and reheated it to activate the gelatin. I then poured it back to the mold and put it in the fridge and it was set in just an hour or even less.

  12. Floyd says

    hi cris, do i really need to heat the other mixtures like condensed milk, nestle cream, cocoa powder, suger and evap milk? can i just heat the gelatin until it will bloom then add the mixtures turning the heat off?

    • says

      Hi Floyd, yes you need to heat them otherwise the gelatin won’t be well incorporated into the mixture and most likely the powders used won’t dissolve properly.

  13. Jl Lim says

    I made this one time, and that is my first time making it. It did not turned out so good. So am going to try it again :)

  14. Melanie says

    I have a question.. you said it’s ok to use mr gulaman unflavored for the recipe.But i’m having difficulty in making it proportional with the other ingredients.. hmmmmm..

  15. says

    The first time I made a Black Sambo, the two layers mixed up coz I poured the supposed-to-be upper layer immediately. The outcome: no black and white layers but the texture and taste were perfect.

    On my second attempt, I used Mr. Gulaman. The Knox brand wasn’t available in the market that time. It was a failure and a total waste of ingredients. I blamed the gulaman I used (since most of the recommendations were Knox). I’m gonna try it again tonight. Fingers crossed for the perfect dessert.

    Thanks for this!

  16. says

    yehey.. tnx for the recipe.. i am looking forward to make this recipe.. this is yummy even if i only tasted it once.. thank you so much for the recipe… god bless and more powers

  17. paul says

    i made a black sambo , but there was a little bits. and it was like a gelatin, is that a problem in gelatin or in heating?

    • says

      If there were bits you might not have heated the gelatin properly. Make sure when you heat it that the gelatin powder has fully dissolved. :)

  18. Trisha says

    Hi! Is there no need to add hot water to the hershey’s powder before mixing it with other ingredients? thank you so much!

    • MyFashionJuice says

      Hi Trisha, no need. Don’t add hot water to the powder otherwise, the consistency will be different. Also, it might not set properly and it will be too watery.

    • MyFashionJuice says

      Hi Eim! Make sure the first layer is already set before you pour the second layer. The second layer is poured while hot but you have to be careful. I don’t pour directly, I use the ladle. Also, it’s not really boiling hot anyway. The temp shouldn’t be high and you continue to stir it before pouring.

  19. emjaye says

    I’ve been dying to try making black sambo and I just completed my ingredients yesterday since i was having a hard time looking for knox, unfortunately I wasn’t able to buy one so I opted for Alsa Gulaman. The thing is the pack contains 90g, may I ask how many grams is there in a packet of knox unflavored gelatin? I read somewhere that it’s 7g or 2 1/2 tsp. I’m confused if I’m going to follow one of the comments here that divided Alsa Gulaman 90g to make the 2 layers but if it’s the case that would be 45g each layer which is supposed to be 14g only if I use 2 packets of knox.

    • MyFashionJuice says

      Hi Emjaye. That is correct. A packet of knox is about 7g so it’s 14g each layer. It’s okay to use 45g since Alsa Gulaman is a little different. Just divide the package into the 2 layers and test it out. I’m sure it will still turn out great. Let me know what happens so we can also update other readers. Thanks!

  20. Emjaye says

    Hi. I made black sambo yesterday and it was a disaster. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to read your reply not until now. I followed the 14g each layer and it was a mess. Yeah I think you’re right, since it’s not knox the quality is different so I should have used the whole 90g pack. It taste good but everything mixed up because it’s too soft. Better luck next time. Thanks for the reply, anyway.

    • MyFashionJuice says

      Ooh. sorry to hear Emjaye but atleast the taste is still good. :) Did you let the first layer cool first? You should wait to let it set before you do the second layer.

  21. micole says

    good day! :) i made black sambo two times and i’m not satisfied with the result. black and white separates when i took it out from the molder(just a tupperware molder). I poured the second layer 6 hours later…and I also used not 1 box of ladies choice gulaman but 2…total of 180g maybe of gulaman

    • MyFashionJuice says

      Hi Micole. Can you use a different brand of gulaman instead? Some brands are different and require different quantities. I recently tried Mr. Gulaman and found out that 1 pack isn’t enough as an alternative to 2 packs of Knox. I would suggest trying Alsa Gulaman instead.

  22. MyFashionJuice says

    Hi Rochelle! When you check the first layer, it’s no longer liquid. It’s already like a jello consistency. Try to shake it very gently and you’ll see how it wiggles like jello. If you aren’t very sure, I suggest using a toothpick and poking once near the side so it won’t ruin the layer. If it comes out clean (no liquid stuff), then it’s all set.

    • says

      Hi Nice! I tried using Mr. Gulaman and 1 pack wasn’t enough. Try using 2 instead. But I would think 1 1/2 may be enough, just make sure that you cook it longer until you see it getting really thick. Also, cook on low medium heat so the cream won’t get clumps.

  23. says

    hi! thank you so much for the recipe. i have been hunting the net for the perfect recipe and this one took the leap! yesterday was my first time to make the desert and it was awesome! in fact it was the first food to be off the table since everyone swarmed around it in no time! thank you so much! and continue to be a blessing to others… =)

  24. says

    just wanna ask though, what if i wanna make a big one or a lot, like if i put 2 cans of condense and 2 packs of cream, would i also use 4 packs of knox? like double everything up? or would two packs of knox be enough?

    • says

      Hi Ara! I’m so glad that you love it. I would suggest to double everything up. I haven’t tried doing a bigger one than this. Or how about making two separate ones? Please let us know how it turns out. And thank you for dropping by.

  25. rea joy bual parco says

    hi if i will use 1 1/2 mr. gulaman as knoxx substitute per layer. how much water do i need? is it the same as knoxx? i hope u can reply bcoz im selling black sambo this halloween. nd i cant find knoxx here in our town.

  26. remelee says

    Hi. I tried making black sambo by ffg your recipe. The taste was great . The only prob was the first layer did not set even when left in the fridge overnight. I followed the procedure but used 1/2 pack of alsa unflavored gelatin per layer. The second layer set pretty well. What do you think happened?

    • says

      Hi Remelee! It could be that the gelatin wasn’t fully cooked yet when you put it in the fridge. Even if you refrigerate it overnight, if the gelatin wasn’t completely cooked, it wouldn’t set. Also, it could be that the 1/2 of the Alsa gelatin isn’t enough. Trying using a whole pack next time or prolong the cooking time. Do not make the second layer if the first layer wasn’t set properly. It happened to me once before when I tried a different gelatin. But good thing I didn’t start the second layer first. What I did was I put back the first layer in a pot and heat over low-medium for a couple more minutes. Enough that it’s hot but not boiling. Then I put it back in the mold and into the fridge. After 1-2 hours, it was all set and I was ready to make the second layer. :) Hope it helps.

  27. Jay says

    Hi! What if I use small molding containers? Would it still take hours to set?. Or just a few minutes?. We will be making this for our culinary lab on monday. And we are only limited to 3 hours to make it so i really need it to set.
    And i cant find knox here. What is the best substitute for it?. And what is the accurate measurement for the substitute so it would set properly I really need your response. By the way thanks for the recipe it is really helpful. :)

    • says

      Hi Jay! If you use small molding containers, it should be quicker. I would suggest making it thin so it would set quickly. Maybe 30-45 minutes per layer. 3 hours would probably be enough. For the substitute, use Alsa or Mr. Gulaman and to be sure, use 1 whole pack per layer. Make sure to cook it well so the gelatin will set properly. I suggest using a pot instead of a double boiler when using Alsa or Mr. Gulaman. Also, use medium heat and not low when using Alsa or Mr. Gulaman. Hope this helps. Good luck!


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