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New 2010 Chanel GST, New Price

Yes Chanel enthusiasts, ladies and gentlemen alike, there is a new Chanel GST or Grand Shopping Tote in town – with a new price. OUCH! A price increase indeed. Why oh Why Chanel do you keep on increasing prices of your bags that fast???

As some of you may already know, the previous Chanel price increase (end of 2009) had affected one of the most iconic bags of all time, the Chanel Flap bag or the 2.55 bag. The medium/large flap bag (yes, the size is called a medium large) was previously the same price as the Chanel Medallion and GST bags, selling for $2,125 USD. However, it went up to $2,400 USD. This February 2010, it’s Chanel GST’s turn to get that price increase.

I’ve compared two black GST’s from the 2009 and 2010 versions, one in silver hardware and one in gold hardware. Note that the GST comes in silver and gold hardware, with colors such as black, white, beige, bordeaux (red), and brown among other seasonal colors like light pink, mint, etc. Anyway, what’s new with the 2010 GST and what’s the new price? Continue reading below to find out!

2009 Chanel GST Bag2 New 2010 Chanel GST, New Price

Old Chanel Grand Shopping Tote / GST

The old Chanel Grand Shopping tote had interlocking C’s that looked like they were stitched unto the quilted material of the GST bag.

2009 Chanel GST Bag New 2010 Chanel GST, New Price

The 2010 Chanel GST’s interlocking C’s looked as if the embossed part was part of the quilting of the leather (caviar). Sorry for the poor quality of the photo…

New Chanel GST bag New 2010 Chanel GST, New Price

The old Chanel GST had smaller and roundish grommet where the chain is attached.

2009 Chanel GST Bag1 New 2010 Chanel GST, New Price

The new Chanel GST has a flat grommet with the words: “31, Rue Cambon” written on the top part, and “Chanel” written on the bottom.

New Chanel GST bag2 New 2010 Chanel GST, New Price

The old Chanel GST had a D-Ring inside the bag so you can hook your keys to it. But the new 2010 Chanel GST has a strap with a hook, more like a lanyard, that you can attach to your wallet, keys, or cellphone case perhaps.

New Chanel GST bag1 New 2010 Chanel GST, New Price

And as I said, the old Chanel GST price was $2,125. This February 2010, the new Chanel GST now costs $2,350!!! Waaaaaaa!!! Now I haven’t confirmed with my local Chanel boutique if the price is already in effect, but it’s most likely the case. So what can you say about the Chanel GST price increase? And what can you say about the new 2010 Chanel Grand Shopping Tote? I’m actually loving this new GST even more… well, except for the price. LOL!


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