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Glam Rock For Men

Because I’ve written a post for Glam Rock outfits for women, I’ve also prepared a couple of tips for the men. icon smile Glam Rock For Men The Glam Rock look for men is pretty confusing because it’s not totally hard core rock nor punk rock. If your Christmas Party Theme is Glam Rock, then I suggest toning the “Rock” a bit. So click on “continue reading” to read my tips for Glam Rock outfits for men. icon smile Glam Rock For Men

Glam Rock for Men by fashionjuice

First: The Pants

This is pretty simple for men. Just go for black pants or jeans. Any black and any jeans will do. However, if you are opting for denims, it’s best to go for something tight fit and dark in color. You can also go for white denims that are skinny fit… well, that’s just a suggestion. I know some men wouldn’t want to go down that lane. icon smile Glam Rock For Men Hehe. But if you are serious about going Glam Rock for your Christmas Party, then look at the outfits of the Jonas Brothers.

Second: The Shirt

Nothing complicated here. Just wear mostly black T-shirts. It would be best if you have a black shirt with Rock band designs or Rock legends faces on it. Just remember, go for dark or loud colors! Also, go for a little tight fit shirt. Don’t wear collared shirts, by the way. Just top your shirt off with leather jacket, black jacket, or unbuttoned plaid shirt (preferrably dark colored). You can also top off your shirt with a vest. You can make use of black, leather, gray, white, or denim vests. A great tip to make it look more “Rock-ish” would be to add multiple pins. icon smile Glam Rock For Men

Third: The Shoes

Always go for black or black with white or black with neon colors! Sneakers and rubber shoes would be nice but it won’t be bad to try leather boots too. icon smile Glam Rock For Men

Fourth: The Accessories

Just go for leather bracelets and you’re done. But if you want more Glam Rock added to your outfit, then add dog tag necklaces, metallic/gothic bracelets, and the shutter shades in either pink, white, or black. It’s a funny accessory to add but will surely complete your Glam Rock outfit. Now if you want to do something to your hair, you can just mess it up and go for a wet look, color some parts pink, or just apply gel and raise them all up if you have short hair! icon smile Glam Rock For Men


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