Cashmere Mafia: TV Series

I have been a huge fan of this ABC TV Series, Cashmere Mafia! It’s like “Sex and the City” meets “Desperate Housewives”. It stars Lucy Liu as Mia, Frances O’Connor as Zoe, Miranda Otto as Juliet, Bonnie Somerville as Caitlin. These four lovely and ambitious women have been best friends since business school. They are powerful, intelligent executive sensations in their own fields. What’s more is that they all dress lovely! Their bags and shoes are totally fabulous! Imagine living the glamorous life but encountering the same problems at work and in personal life just like we do!

Episode 102

I’ll give you a background on each of the character from ABC online:

Ever since Mia Mason (Lucy Liu) was a young girl, all she ever wanted to do was win. Now as a sexy, competitive woman in the publishing field, that drive to be first has intensified, even pitting her against her fiancé for a key position. What price will she have to pay to stay on top of the mountain?

Zoe Burden (Frances O’Connor), an investment banker with a handsome, loving, work-at-home architect husband, Eric (Julian Ovenden), and two small children, seems to be the prototype for the woman who has it all. The couple face their 24-7 waltz of balancing full-time work and the challenge of being good parents with good humor, but the wheels may be coming off the cart, forcing Zoe to re-evaluate her life.

For Juliet Draper (Miranda Otto), the Chief Operating Officer of a major hotel chain, appearances come first — no matter what’s going on behind closed doors. And she will have to work overtime to keep up the façade of a perfect life with her philandering husband, Davis (Peter Hermann), and her rebellious 14-year-old daughter. Juliet decides on a unique method of payback for Davis’ indiscretions and simultaneously, in a bold move, must decide to drop her public image to step out in the world.

Caitlin Dowd (Bonnie Somerville) is a top marketing executive for a cosmetics firm. Like the other women, she is excelling professionally, but she’s still discovering who she is personally and sexually. She’s worked hard to get ahead, but still counts on her street smarts to keep her there, while her sense of humor and a sweet wackiness makes her all the more attractive.


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